Price Park and Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy

Vacation time!  Dan and I decided to explore the area around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for the first time.  Thursday we explored the lake and the town of Lake Geneva.  Friday, after looking at the parks in the area on a map and guide book, we chose to visit Price Park, northeast of Elkhorn.  We had a fantastic time.  Maybe it was the fact that the weather was a beautiful 75 degrees F, it was a work day and the park was almost empty, the prairie flowers were in full bloom, and it was all-around a perfect summer day.  After going on the usual woodsy path we came out to a meadow with picnic tables and benches, a mowed lawn, and a little lake surrounded by cattails and frog sounds.  We met a lady as we left the park who said they fished in the little lake.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 009

Small lake at Price Park, near Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Leaving the meadow and walking through another woods, we came out in another mowed area.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 016

This eastern comma butterfly was at the edge of the mowed area.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 018

There were dragonflies everywhere.  Here they have found a nice stick on which to enjoy the sunny day.  It is not a great picture, but you get the idea.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 028

In another field prairie plants were blooming.  This picture does not show it well, but the blue/purple spiderwort plants were gorgeous and abundant.  There was also orange butterfly weed and white indigo.  My handsome husband posed for me.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 053

Saturday morning was foggy and cool at the grain field next to our hotel.  We saw these pink thistles here and there in the area.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 117

Even though it was cool and wet we put on our jackets and headed out to Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy on the summer solstice.  The nature area boardwalk starts near the Lake Geneva beach at Williams Bay, WI.  After we had been on the boardwalk for a while it ended and we stepped off on to a grassy path and soon our shoes and socks were soaked.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 056

We walked around a bend in the path and came upon a wild turkey and four or five baby turkeys (poults.)

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 058

The turkeys stood perfectly still and we also stood still, while Dan took a few pictures.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 059

Close up of baby turkey trying to hide in the grass.  After a bit they got up and blended into the tall grass.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 064

The prairie plants of every kind were blooming beautifully.  This yellow plant looked like the fennel in my garden.  There were also taller plants with umbels that might have been prairie parsley.  There were fields of penstemon digitalis blooming white, and a number of other blooming plants I could not identify.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 072

We walked along grassy paths and the squirrel noticed us and was trying to decide what to do.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 076

Male goldfinch in grassy meadow.

When we stood still along the path we could sense wildlife everywhere and a lot of bird noises.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 081

Common yellowthroat making clicking noise in the treetops. We took quite a few pictures of this warbler and finally realized that it may have been trying to distract us to keep from disclosing the nest site.  This area was across the path from the prairie.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 090

There were red-winged blackbirds everywhere.  We also flushed out a bright blue bird which we guessed was a male indigo bunting.  He was gone before we were able to take a picture.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 110

Pearl crescent butterfly.  As we left the sun was coming out and the butterflies were sunning themselves.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 116

A large mourning cloak butterfly suns itself on the boardwalk.

Southeast Wisconsin Trip 002

I had to put in a picture of a large group of turkey vultures that we saw near Twin Lakes, WI, where we stopped to eat a sandwich near the lake.

Back in Chicago we felt refreshed from our time in these beautiful nature preserves.

10 thoughts on “Price Park and Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy

  1. I really love the fields at this time of year. You saw many butterflies and dragonflies. I never see so many on my trips to places like this. I am surprised to see the yellowthroat too. Have not seen one since spring.

    1. These parks were very quiet and we probably surprised a few critters. I love your post about starlings and grackles. I wonder if my mystery bird in a previous post was a baby starling. I had concluded that is was probably a baby cow bird.

  2. What a nice trip, and all the wildlife photos look great. I’d be lucky to see half of that let alone get good pictures!
    I like that thistle. I’ve seen them on the roadsides and am halfway considering bringing one into the garden. The fat bloom is tricking me into thinking it will play well with others! lol

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