July Blooms

As the days heat up more flowers are starting to blooms.

Garden 07 06 14 024

Liatris spicata – blazing star – is a prairie plant.  I added a number of new bulbs to the garden this spring.  In the background are Shasta daisies.

Garden 07 06 14 019

Bumble bee on liatris spicata – blazing star.

Garden 07 06 14 007

I was so excited to see a monarch butterfly on my butterfly weed this week.  I took this picture from the kitchen window because I did not want to scare it away.

Garden 07 06 14 061

Today I saw a red admiral butterfly on the butterfly weed.

Garden 07 06 14 051

First flowering of Buddleia buzz midnight – a butterfly bush I planted this year.  I am waiting for it to get a little bigger and for the butterflies to find it.  In front is lacinato kale.

Garden 07 06 14 025

The zinnias I planted from seed are just starting to bloom.  I went out and bought a little wire fence to put around them so they won’t fall on the lawn.  Later I put down some mulch here and around the yard after I did some weeding.  These flowers are a real draw for the butterflies and the goldfinches love to pick off the flowers, too.

Garden 07 06 14 027

The dwarf mums have been blooming 6-8 weeks already!  This color is called ‘bronze.’

Garden 07 06 14 002

Coreopsis – Tickseed

Garden 07 06 14 037

Cantaloupe flower.  Other yellow flowers in the garden now are on the cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and kale.

Garden 07 06 14 059

These are the wax beans I picked over the past two days.  I boiled them with salt and pepper and added a little butter.  Delicious!

Cooking:  I also made a little pesto with basil, parsley, cashews, olive oil, nutritional yeast and lemon juice.  It was really nice on a little French bread!

7 thoughts on “July Blooms

    1. I had a hard time getting bees on some flowers this spring. However, I find that as summer gets hotter and the flowers get tastier the bees get a little slower. That is just my theory. The bee on the liatris was just walking slowly around and that helped! But I know what you mean about just getting focused and they take off!

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I have a back yard for the first time this year and have planted my first garden. Fun to watch it grow, and definitely a learning experience for me. I’d love to have some butterfly and bee friendly flowers…

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