Rain, Reading, and a Clearwing Moth

It is a raining weekend.  There is a flood advisory out for the area.  Luckily our land is high and flooding has never been an issue.  Here are a few photos I took this week.

Garden 07 12 14 005

This hummingbird clearwing moth has been visiting off and on at the butterfly bush.  It mimics the hummingbird, but is a moth and when I see it in the yard I check the tomato plants for tomato hornworms.  I love seeing the big green caterpillars chewing away, but they usually don’t last long with all the parasitic wasps in the garden.

Garden 07 12 14 016

I usually ignore the hosta plants, but they are blooming right outside my office window now, so I had to go out and a picture in the dappled light.

Garden 07 12 14 021

I was trying to capture the big bees that were visiting these hosta flowers.  This was a two mosquito picture.  The mosquitoes chased me inside before I got the picture I wanted.  I put caladryl on one or two mosquito bites after each trip out to certain parts of the garden.  If I don’t scratch the itch goes away in a few hours.

Garden 07 12 14 037

We had three inches of rain in about 12 hours with another inch or more predicted for later today.  This morning the water was covering the patio.  It all went down quickly, though.  So much of our plant material has deep roots that open the ground up a little and draw the water down into the soil.

Garden 07 12 14 015

My summer reading included this very interesting book – 40 Chances.  The topic is finding solutions for hunger in the world and deals with agriculture and philanthropy among other things.  It was interesting because I am an organic gardener, but the author farms in Illinois with GMO seeds and is not organic.  Nevertheless he seemed aware of the need to replenish the soil and concerned with the needs of small farmers and subsistence farmers who may not have access to modern equipment and chemicals. I thought it was a well-rounded book with a lot of practical insights.

Garden 07 12 14 041

This is the book I am working on now – Farmacology.  The author, a doctor, talks about similarities in the biological needs of the body with the biological needs in soil.  I have not read it all but am enjoying it so far.  We are always trying to eat in a healthy way and I appreciate getting a variety of views on how to do that.

Garden 07 12 14 038

This is what we had for lunch.  We eat a lot of one-pot meals.  Included in the meal from the garden are the first red potatoes, a big turnip and the turnip greens, yellow wax beans, green peas, kale, cauliflower leaves, swiss chard, and a small eggplant.

Garden 07 12 14 026

Juvenile American robin and sedum.

Vegetables and Berries:  I picked the first small zucchini and a few cherry tomatoes.  The Jimmy Nardello peppers are green and eventually will be turning red and very sweet.  We still have a lot of turnips and cauliflower to eat!  We are still enjoying a handful of raspberries every day and the birds and I are still working on the mulberries, though the blueberries are all eaten.  Each year we should get a bigger supply of blueberries and that is fun to think about…

6 thoughts on “Rain, Reading, and a Clearwing Moth

  1. I just saw my first hummingbird moth today and was pleased too! Nice to hear you’re getting so much out of the garden, and using it too. I tend to get excited about the harvest and then end up giving it away when we forget to either cook it or eat it!

  2. I have been keeping up with the beans, but may need to give away cauliflower if I can’t get it eaten. At some point you just have to enjoy the process, whether you can eat it all or not!

  3. Aren’t the mosquitoes just terrible this year? I’ve appreciated the rain, it’s helped them, too. I am adding those books to my “to read” list on Goodreads. They look very interesting and fall into one of my areas of interest. Right now I’m waiting for “Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness” to be returned to the library so I can check it out.

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