Grasshopper and Pink Turtlehead flowers

Each week there is something new.  While picking bush beans a week ago I discovered this grasshopper.  It has to keep well hidden with all the birds around.

Garden 08 23 14 002

I have always enjoyed grasshoppers.  Now that we have some tall grass in the meadow there are quite a few grasshoppers and crickets around.  But I enjoy these bigger more colorful ones.  When you go outside the summer insect sounds are loud and varied.

Garden 08 24 14 024

The pink turtleneck flowers are just starting to bloom.  I cut down all the dead joe pye weed behind it so that the area will look nicer.  Soon we will have goldenrod and sedum blooming.

Garden 08 24 14 017

Robin and berries of viburnum ‘Chicago Lustre.’

Garden 08 24 14 013

Soldier beetles are everywhere.  These beetles were mating on the agastache today.

Garden 08 24 14 009

After the rain I took a closer look and sure enough we have a cantaloupe growing now.

Garden 08 24 14 005

Our ten foot sunflower started to open today!Garden 08 24 14 003

On summer mornings it is just nice to sit and look at the clouds.

8 thoughts on “Grasshopper and Pink Turtlehead flowers

  1. The summer appears to have been good to you, everything still looks healthy and lush. The grasshopper looks to have a healthy appetite. I have one which seems to have spent the last month moving from flower to flower on one of my dahlia plants. I’m surprised his diet hasn’t made him change color to match the flowers he’s been eating! They’re destructive, but not enough so here for me to complain 🙂

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