Rainbow, Raptor, and Road Trip

Here are a few images from this past week.

Garden 08 28 14 015

There was a full rainbow in the neighborhood after a rain storm this week.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 078

There were three of these raptors flying above our neighborhood for a while this morning. They could be hawks, but my guess was turkey vultures.  I don’t have the skill to identify birds at a distance like this. I was excited to see a bald eagle in a tree while driving home from Minnesota yesterday.

Garden 08 28 14 065

Turtle sunning at Lake Katherine, surrounding lily pads.

Garden 08 28 14 072

Last week the grasshopper was green, but this week it is looking more yellow/brown.  Is this the same grasshopper in the beans?

Garden 08 28 14 036

This is the poinsettia I bought last Christmas.  I put it out in the spring and it has fresh new green leaves.  Will these leaves start turning red around Christmas time?

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 103

I picked up these mums last week.  I was going to put them in the big planter to replace the cornflower, but the cornflower did not want to pop out easily, so I just put it in its own planter.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 031

We were in Minnesota over the weekend and on the way home we stopped for a first time visit to Giant River Bluffs State Park.  At the top of the bluff we looked out at the Mississippi river near Winona Minnesota.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 039

We went on a hike through the prairie on top of the bluffs and saw quite a few monarch butterflies.  Dan shot this photo for me.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 085

Dragonfly on dried coneflower.  Back at home this dragonfly caught my attention.  The colors seemed different from other dragonflies.  A little research led me to the eastern amberwing dragonfly, but I am not sure.

Vegetables:  We have a lot of tomatoes I need to do something with.  I have made two batches of spaghetti and one batch of tomato sauce, but the freezer is pretty full.  We have a lot of wax beans that need to be cooked, too.  So I guess we will have something with tomatoes and yellow wax beans!  More tomatoes are coming, so if they start to get out of hand I can bring them to the food pantry on Tuesday.  I pulled out the cucumber vines today and in the process found four very nice cucumbers.  I have been eating about one a day, so no problem there.  The melons are coming along nicely.

10 thoughts on “Rainbow, Raptor, and Road Trip

  1. Sounds like a nice couple days!
    The poinsettia looks great. I think you’ll need to give it longer nights before it blooms, and I think the bracts grow out red rather than turn from green…. if that makes any sense?!

  2. I remember reading that poinsettias need to be kept in strict darkness for over 12 hours every day from October to end November to get them to produce the red leaves again. Say from 5pm onwards with no light getting to them at all. Never tried it, though. Great pictures.

    1. Thank you! There are lots of dragonflies in the yard and still seeing butterflies, too. There is a monarch festival not far from us next weekend, so maybe we will see more if some of them get released after it is over.

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