The Big Sunflower

This past week I took pictures of the big sunflower as it progressed.

Garden 08 28 14 009

The sunflower is 11 feet tall.

Garden 08 28 14 019

Gradually the parts of the flower opened, from the outside edges toward the center.

Garden 08 28 14 035

There are soldier beetles, bumble bees, and honey bees working the sunflower.

Garden 08 28 14 043

Another sunflower close-up with pollinators.

 Garden 08 28 14 047

At this point the sunflower started to bend over with the weight of the flower.

Garden 08 28 14 062

The pollinators wrap up the pollinating.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 071

Now the sunflower is really heavy!

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 101

Sunflower seeds are developing now.  I will be watching to see when the goldfinches start on this flower.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 004

On a visit to Minnesota this weekend I saw this giant sunflower at my sister-in-law’s house.  It just came up from a seed that fell from a sunflower last year.  This year it morphed into this multi-stemmed flower.

Garden 09 01 14 and Minnesota 014

I think this is a hoverfly on the sunflower.

4 thoughts on “The Big Sunflower

  1. I really like your photos! I love sunflowers..We are fairly new to Oregon and I planted a few in our front yard and the backyard too. So much fun to watch them grow..Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! It is fun to see the variety of sunflowers. This sunflower has captured a lot of my attention this week. I imagine it will look pretty tired before long, but I am enjoying it now.

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