The Sun Rises on the Garden

The sun rises around 6:45 am these days.  I captured this photo one morning before settling at my desk to work.

Garden 09 28 14 028

Sunrise in late September.

Garden 09 28 14 042

Painted lady butterfly on pink zinnia.  I continue to see butterflies visiting the zinnias.

Garden 09 28 14 008

Monarch butterfly on pink zinnia.  I love the polka dots!

Garden 09 28 14 009

The orange butterfly weed seed pods have opened up and the seeds are starting to blow away.  The purple flowers are Russian sage.

Garden 09 28 14 016

What’s up with this leader branch on the Chinquapin oak tree?  Didn’t it get the memo to stick with the group?

Garden 09 28 14 013

Sometimes when I am working at my desk I get distracted by the birds outside.  This was a visiting warbler of some sort in the Blue Muffin viburnum.  I was taking pictures through the screen and never got a clear shot, though the bird was in the yard for quite a while.  I think there may have been some tasty insects around, as it did not seem to be going for berries.

Garden 09 28 14 072

The boltonia is blooming this week.  The trees and shrubs are high enough that we can no longer see it from the kitchen window.  I guess our neighbors get to look at it.  I thin it out each spring so only one or two of these big plants reach maturity.

Garden 09 28 14 077

The petunias along the sidewalk were looking pretty this morning.  They blend in with the alyssum.

Garden 09 28 14 097

The zucchini patch has not been very productive lately.  The big zinnia patch is right in front of the zucchini, blocking the sun.  I think the drier weather may have allowed some new leaves to grow without mildew and it looks like we are getting some zucchini that is almost big enough to pick.  The flowers promise more, it the weather allows it.

Garden 09 28 14 069

I was watering the young serviceberry bushes and almost bumped into this spider sitting on a big web.  Scary looking, huh?

Garden 09 28 14 064

Something has been nibbling on the few strawberries that I have.  Is it bugs or slugs, the rabbit or squirrels, or maybe a visiting raccoon?  I am always glad to come upon a strawberry that is untouched.  I tend to pick them early and let them ripen inside.

Have a great week!

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