Blue jay And Other Visitors Come Calling

There is something about a blue jay squawking that gets your attention!  This week I could hear one often in the neighborhood, and got a few pictures of one at the bird bath.

Garden 10 12 14 002

Blue jay getting ready for a bath.  Beautiful blue feathers.

Garden 10 12 14 005

Blue jay with new hairdo after bath.  Making a ruckus!

Garden 10 12 14 006

“Whatchu looking at?”

Garden 10 12 14 043

I put fresh water in the bird bath and more birds have been visiting again.  What is this robin thinking about on this sunny fall day?  Is he listening to me talk to myself as I work at my desk, or listening for a meal, or just enjoying the moment?

Garden 10 12 14 036

After robin had his bath it is sparrow’s turn.

Garden 10 12 14 018

Monarchs on zinnias.  From my office window I could see several butterflies on the zinnias so I went outside for a closer look.

Garden 10 12 14 021

Monarch sunning itself on a zinnia.

Garden 10 12 14 031

The monarchs spent hours on these zinnias that afternoon.

Garden 10 12 14 012

A painted lady butterfly was also briefly on the zinnias.

Garden 10 12 14 051

Katydid resting on plastic chair on a cool day.

Garden 10 12 14 054

Katydid side view.  This katydid did not move until I had bothered it quite a bit and then it moved a bit.  I could still hear grasshoppers and crickets today as the weather was in the 60s.

Garden 10 12 14 057

Black saddlebags dragonfly on alyssum.  I think this is a female with the yellow spot.  I saw her flying around the yard and resting here and there occasionally.

Garden 10 12 14 073

Side view of black saddlebags dragonfly hanging on to alyssum.

Garden 10 12 14 100

‘Hunter’ is the neighbor dog, who likes to watch what I am doing, and likes a pat on the head now and then.  The goldenrod is starting to turn brown now.  The American hornbeam in this picture has had wonderful fall colors the past two years, we will see what happens this year.

4 thoughts on “Blue jay And Other Visitors Come Calling

  1. Nice pictures! After noting we haven’t seen any blue jays at the feeders in years one has shown up and is proving efficient at emptying it. My sunflower seed bill is going to go up, but I don’t mind. They’re such pretty birds.

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