Autumn Garden Color

I have quite a few fall blooming plants, so I am really enjoying the color now.

Garden 10 19 14 095

Zinnias – summer solstice – keep spreading by the east fence.

Garden 10 19 14 097

Dwarf cushion mums – bronze.  These have been slowly blooming since I planted them in the spring, but seem to be happier and healthier now in the fall.

Garden 10 19 14 098

I love nasturtiums and am glad that they are finally growing well and seemed to have survived the frost.

Garden 10 19 14 082

The pink mums are finally starting to open.

Garden 10 19 14 102

A fly for each flower.  These pink mums have always attracted pollinators.  The leaves in the background are from the fothergilla bush that is a blaze of color.

Garden 10 19 14 041

This is what the fothergilla bush looked like about a week ago.  It is really hard to capture the beauty in a photo.  This is the second year this little bush is in the garden, I think.  It definitely did better with the cooler summer this year.

Garden 10 19 14 077

The American hornbeam on the left is turning yellowish with a bit of orange.  The spice bush is turning yellow behind it.  In between them the goldenrod’s yellow color is fading.  In the front is the other fothergilla bush.  It changes color later, maybe because it is a different cultivar or maybe because it gets more sun.  The pink color in the back is from the red miscanthus seed heads.  All the ornamental grasses have their seed heads now.

Garden 10 19 14 114

Leaves turn from green to yellow on the spice bush.  This bush lost a lot of branches during the long winter, but has come back strong.

Garden 10 19 14 117

The leaves on the chinquapin oak were beautiful today.

Garden 10 19 14 073

Many of the oaks in the neighborhood are a pretty orange color.  Our town has declared ‘oak wilt’ a nuisance and has started cutting down oaks that are infested.  I think it is spreads through the roots to nearby oaks, so many yards have to cut down multiple trees.  Not good.  The burning bushes are bright red now.

Garden 10 19 14 070

Last night was a significant frost, so yesterday I brought in most of the tomatoes and peppers.  I cleared the dried beans off the pole bean stand.  I need to shell those beans.  I brought in a little more parley to chop and freeze.  We still get a few strawberries if something does not eat them before me.

Garden 10 19 14 037

Of course, some vegetables can handle the frost.  There are three kinds of kale here.  I picked some today for my pasta, beans, and greens dish that I cooked up.

Garden 10 19 14 001

The robins did a lot of harvesting/feasting on the viburnum berries this week.  Sometimes I would see six robins working over the bushes.  This is ‘raspberry tart’ viburnum.  In front are the seed heads from panicum-switch grass.

Garden 10 19 14 014

Often the robins looked up at the berries and then made a little jumping, flying motion to nab a hard to reach berry.

Garden 10 19 14 029

On the left you can see a lot of blue berries on the Chicago Lustre viburnum bushes.  Those are almost all eaten now.  And yes, the rabbit is still with us.  I hope it is “Peter” and not one of his sisters, Flopsy or Mopsy.

Garden 10 19 14 062

One day I looked out of my office window to see the rabbit stretched out for a nap in the lawn after a good lunch.

8 thoughts on “Autumn Garden Color

  1. Donna Hirsch

    Love seeing the mums. Mine don’t bloom until a hard frost, and today I started to see color. They will bloom for weeks. Do I see an “Alma Potschke” aster????

    1. I had to order the summer solstice zinnias online this year, as the big garden center I used to go to closed down. I am trying to reduce my plants, not get new ones, but I am always tempted when I see something I like!

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