Snowy Walk in the Woods

Snowy weather returned today.  By tonight there is a wind chill advisory.  The guys just headed out with snow shovels.  But this morning I had a beautiful walk in the woods by the canal.

Garden 01 04 15 007

This is the new Cal-Sag bike path.  It is much more beautiful when the paved path is covered with snow!  But it should be nice looking again in the spring when the newly planted grass grows along the path.

Garden 01 04 15 016

It was a pleasure to walk with my daughter in her bright red jacket.

Garden 01 04 15 004

We looked across the canal at the Worth water reclamation park.  The ducks were swimming in the canal, which is not yet frozen.  A dog walker was heading across the bridge next to the many old willow trees.

Garden 01 04 15 018

Snowy trees in the woods.  A few geese and gulls flew overhead.  We saw dog tracks, but nothing very wild, though at home it looked like a rabbit tried to get into our yard and was stopped by the rabbit proof fence.

Garden 01 04 15 023

Looking out from the kitchen window.  The cyclamen continues to bloom.

Garden 01 04 15 041

Snow falling…  It is good to get snow on the ground before the coming cold weather.

Garden 01 04 15 032

American plum tree.  This needs to be pruned in late winter.

Garden 01 04 15 048

Yesterday was my planning day.  I drew up the 2015 garden plans, ordered my transplants and seeds, and looked at the pruning handbook, in preparation for some early spring pruning.

Garden 01 04 15 055

I reviewed my 2011 plan to see what was going on then when drawing up this 2015 plan.  I try to rotate my vegetables on a somewhat four year basis.  I have two vegetable beds now, but it is pretty crowded and I think I might need to dig up another stretch of lawn this spring.  For now we can rest and enjoy the winter days.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Walk in the Woods

    1. I have lived in a Mediterranean climate before and that was really nice, though hot in the summer. I guess there are advantages and disadvantages wherever you live. As far as the garden plans – they never turn out quite how I plan them, depending on what great transplants I see for sale at planting time, but at least I have an idea when I need to move quickly in the spring.

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