Goodbye Maple, Winter Grass and Wendell Berry

We are getting ready for a snow storm tonight, but the weather has been mild and most of the snow has melted.  Enough so, that the tree people came and cut down out silver maple over the last week.

Garden 01 31 15 013

This was a big deal for us.  We wanted to keep this wonderful tree, but silver maples are often thought to have weak wood and we did not want it falling on our house or the power lines.  The tree was probably at least 60 years old.  I enjoyed watching these skilled workers with J.M. Tree Service.

Garden 01 31 15 034

After about 5 hours they left us with the trunk and said they would be back after the weekend to finish.

Garden 01 31 15 036

On Monday the weather was colder and the stump grinder was frozen.  On Tuesday one man came back and the grinder worker for about a minute only.

Garden 01 31 15 052

On Thursday the team was back and the grinder did its work.  Now we have a hole full of wood chips.  At some point we need to remove most of the wood chip mulch and put in soil.  Then we plan to plant a new tree a few feet from this hole in April.

Garden 01 31 15 045

On the north side of the house the blue fescue has been melting the snow.  The little grass in the back middle is a baby from the other two fescue plants.

Garden 01 31 15 060

Switch grass at Lake Katherine.  We have one switch grass plant in our yard that I really like.

Garden 01 31 15 086

Big blue stem grass, which is red in winter, at the Lake Katherine prairie.

Garden 01 31 15 039

My sister-in-law suggested this novel, Jayber Crow, as a good place to start reading Wendell Berry.  I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

Garden 01 31 15 044

Just one more picture of the healthy cyclamen that cheers out kitchen.

January is done and here come February!  The days are getting longer….

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Maple, Winter Grass and Wendell Berry

    1. We want to plant a native tree from Possibility Place. The one we have in mind is a Kentucky Coffee Tree, though sometimes when we visit there we come home with something different from what we have planned. The front yard has a little slope and it is south facing, so it can be dry and hot. We are considering also putting a shrub or understory tree not far from it.

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