Blizzard – February Rolls In

I am guessing that we have had around a foot of snow since last night.  As of a few minutes ago we are officially in “blizzard” status, rather than just a snow storm.  That means that the winds have picked up and will be blowing the snow around.

02 01 15 028

It’s Sunday, so a good day to enjoy the weather from inside and then sally forth to shovel now and then.

02 01 15 054

The snow on the branches highlights the trees’ architecture.

02 01 15 043

Zooming back out from the last picture, our neighbor is helping us out with the snow blower for the second time today.  In the meantime, my son and I cleaned off the cars and shoveled for an hour this morning.  The snow is so wet that it is good to take it in stages and not let it get too high before tackling it.

02 01 15 051

I have been trying to shake off the evergreens to keep the branches from breaking, but the snow piles right on again.  This is the arborvitae by the front door.

02 01 15 042

One of the best ways to estimate the snowfall is to look at the bird bath.  This picture was taken a few hours ago.  I feel like we have the shoveling under control, so now time to just enjoy the snow day!

Today’s entertainment:

Watching an episode of “Nature” about penguins at the post office in Antarctica.  And finding out more about the atrocities that happened in Sri Lanka in the book below.

 Garden 02 01 15 002

How can I complain when comparing my situation to the struggles of so many others in the world?

17 thoughts on “Blizzard – February Rolls In

    1. Shoveled some more this morning, but my son’s work was cancelled so he will be the main shoveler this morning. I think we had at least 18 inches and maybe more. It is so beautiful, though!

  1. We got the north edge of the storm so only got 6-8″ It’s been over two years since we’ve had a single snowfall of six or more inches so can’t complain. I tell myself it’s insulating the garlic and the shrubs I planted last year.

    1. Sounds like we will have 1 – 3 inches of snow tomorrow. Insulating shrubs is good, but we have had too much snow weighing them down. The viburnums are bent down with snow. I hope not much breaks. I need to prune them so maybe this is pruning them naturally!

      1. Yes, there is that. I drastically pruned my vernal witchhazel this winter and I must say it is nice not having it bending down and blocking the windows the first time it snowed.

      1. gaiainaction

        Me too, I’ve read some very interesting international fiction about Afghanistan, will let you know the titles but need to look them up again, later so.

  2. prb

    hi!! glad you didn’t have to drive in it Sunday!! i worked so i had Sunday AM, PM, and Monday AM drive in it…ugh….(i live in indiana but work in illinois – i think we were equal in snow) plus had to come home and attempt to dig out the driveway to get in. but i won’t complain at all because i made it home safely!!! i saw so many accidents – i am lucky!
    my poor tall juniper out front next to the porch is bent over….ive been attempting to knock off the snow but it was so heavy and wet, it is very stuck to the branches… i have been hanging out the upstairs window to try to get the snow off the top branches. it took many months for it to recover and stand fully straight again after all that snow last year and now same thing again poor thing!
    thanks always for your view of your view – love your pics always!!

    1. Glad you made it safely on your drive! I am imagining you hanging out of your upstairs window knocking the snow off your tree… I don’t want to walk through high snow to get to my bushes to brush them off, even though I suppose I should.

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