Sunny Snow Day

19 inches of snow in this storm has meant a lot of shoveling for us.  Thankfully our neighbor used his snow blower three times in about 30 hours, which helped a ton.

Still the beauty of the clean snow on a sunny day is cheery, and I might have even gotten a little color on my face from the glare of the sun, just from shoveling this afternoon.

Garden 02 02 15 018

As the sun came up today the snow was on all the tree branches, especially noticeable on the mulberry back by the gate.  The yew shrubs were brushed off once yesterday, when we only had about 5 inches, but now they are half buried.  Some of the viburnum branches are bent to the ground and I wonder if they will break.

Garden 02 02 15 022

Snow on mulberry branches and fence.

Garden 02 02 15 021

The neighbor’s evergreens were heavily laden with snow.

Garden 02 02 15 024

At this point most of the snow had fallen from the chinquapin oak branches.  The sky was so fantastically blue.  The shadows were such a strong contrast on the white snow.  The bird bath held its head above the snow.

Garden 02 02 15 011

A little earlier in the day the sun was just starting to come into the yard.  I noticed a sparrow sticking its head in the bird house.  The birds were trying to find new places to huddle on this cold morning, since the viburnums were now completely under the snow.

Garden 02 02 15 014

The snow on this little tiny imitation bird house caught my eye.  A sparrow decided to pause on the snow on top of the fence.

I worked from home today, though my son’s work was cancelled so he was home.  Everyone should be back to work and school tomorrow, and maybe they will come and pick up our garbage.  Another 1 – 3 inches of snow are expected in the afternoon.  But by Saturday it looks like things might warm up!

9 thoughts on “Sunny Snow Day

  1. New snow is so amazing, not matter how many times we experience it. While I scrolled I found an interesting crop you might try. I like the sparrow above the pretend bird box, but look at it with the bird cropped out, just the texture and lines of the fence with the birdhouse. Interesting look.

    1. Great idea! I love the snow designs on our fences. In reality, though, I almost never crop pictures. I am too lazy! If I have time I take a number of pictures of something I like and then just decide which is best… Maybe I will get into cropping pictures at some point.

  2. I think the reason I’m not a snow lover is because it removes the color from the landscape and I love color. Unfortunately any color for snow except white would be off-putting. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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