Little Red Schoolhouse Trail in Winter

The weather warmed up to almost 40 degrees so Dan, Stephanie and I went out to the Little Red Schoolhouse in the forest preserve.  Stephanie had not visited in over 10 years, so she looked at the turtles, fish and snakes in various tanks and displays, as well as the taxidermied squirrels, geese, etc.  Then we headed out for a snowy walk.

Garden 02 08 15 035

We stopped at the little shelter where you can get close to the lake and looked out one of the windows.  Of course the lake is frozen now, though when it thaws there are a lot of carp swimming around just below this window, hoping we will drop in some food.

Garden 02 08 15 036

It was almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so a good day for a walk.  When we stood still we could hear the birds chattering, but I did not manage to get any pictures of the woodpecker and nuthatch that I saw.  On a hill in the distance are a lot of beehives covered with snow.

Garden 02 08 15 017

The paths were a bit of a slog, but we were not in a hurry and did not walk the whole trail.  The boots helped.  Today when we walked at Lake Katherine the path was completely icy, so we had to walk off the path in the deeper snow to keep from slipping.

Garden 02 08 15 012

All three of us had cameras and we had a great time taking pictures of whatever interested us.

Garden 02 08 15 019

Dan was shocked to see what looked like a mosquito!  I looked it up on Google and I think it is a winter crane fly.  It does not have the blood sucking habit of mosquitoes, I don’t think.  I think they emerge when the temperature gets around 40 degrees.

Garden 02 08 15 049

This week I got another really interesting book from the library.  Escape from Camp 14 is about North Korea – another cold place.  It makes me so thankful for plentiful food and a warm jacket and boots, among other things.

4 thoughts on “Little Red Schoolhouse Trail in Winter

  1. Donna Hirsch

    Loved the photo of the winter crane fly. Sometimes I get them in the house about now. They hatch in the soil of the big plants in the garage. A bit of a shock with all of the snow outside!

    1. I heard there are even smaller insects out on warm days called snow fleas, though I did not look for those. I imagine there is a lot happening, that we can’t see well, for a hungry crane fly.

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