Valentine Rose

Every Saturday morning Dan and I go to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Worth, IL, for coffee, tea and conversation.  This week the staff surprised us on Valentine’s Day with a beautiful red rose.  While we were sitting there I did not see them giving roses to anyone else.  Maybe it is because we are a couple that comes there each week.  When we went out to the car I hid it in my jacket to protect it from the blowing snow and wind chill of -4F.  Thank you Dunkin’ Donuts!

Garden 02 14 15 015

Valentine’s Day Rose

Garden 02 14 15 017

Rose next to Ojiisan and Obaasan, the apple picking grandparents that came to me from my mother.

Garden 02 14 15 004

Outside some moss started to brighten up as the snow melted.  I think the specks of wood are from the maple tree being sawed down and spewing saw dust everywhere.

Garden 02 14 15 007

In the backyard I could see squirrel foot prints coming down from the crabapple tree trunk and hopping over to the oak tree.  The morning shadows are from the yew bushes.

Garden 02 14 15 011

Up in the crabapple tree the robin tasted a few crabapples and then flew away.  It was fun to see a robin in the yard again.

I wish you could smell the wonderful fragrance of the rose today!

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