Crocuses and a New Vegetable Bed

The yard looks pretty brown this time of year, so the specks of color from the crocuses are so much fun.  We might get 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight, which may cover them up…

Garden 03 22 15 083

Yellow crocuses looking cheerful!

Garden 03 22 15 082

This purple crocus has such beautiful veins on the flower petals.

Garden 03 22 15 058

Here are the same crocuses last week.  They come up in a bed of dragon’s blood sedum, which is just turning red again after the winter.  The sedum is an aggressive ground cover which tolerates drought.

Garden 03 22 15 049

This was actually the first crocus to open in front of the house a week ago.  They are so tiny!

Garden 03 22 15 006

Last week Stephanie came home for spring break.  On a warm, sunny afternoon we brought out the garden chairs and found a dry spot to sit and soak up the sun.  Soon after, Dan got up and turned the compost pile.  It is really cooking again!  Thanks Dan!

Garden 03 22 15 009

I had to show Stephanie the rhubarb that is getting ready to emerge from the earth.  Besides eating rhubarb, the huge leaves are fantastic for the compost pile, since we have such a big rhubarb patch.

Garden 03 22 15 088

Yesterday we took out 9 wheelbarrows full of wood chips from where the silver maple was cut down and we filled the hole with 11 bags of soil.  I have not sown grass seed yet as we try to determine where the new tree and landscaping will go.

Garden 03 22 15 079

All those wood chips went to making a new garden bed in about an hour with no digging.  We measured out the bed.  Then we placed wet newspapers and wet scrap paper on the lawn.  On top of that we put 5 wheelbarrows of woodchips and soil mixture, straight out of the front yard hole.  We may dig in some kitchen scraps, but we can just let it sit for a while and the grass should die soon.  Then we can just plant into it adding extra soil.  We just needed more space for more vegetables!

Garden 03 22 15 077

Last week I got the hoops and plastic cover out of the garage and covered the old winter bed.  The kale was pretty dead, as opposed to my comments about it surviving in an earlier blog, so we pulled that out. There are just some onions growing in there now.  The soil warmed up under the plastic, so if I had time I could sow some lettuce…  I need to put the plastic back on before the snow that is expected tonight.  You can see one of the ornamental grasses that needs to be cut down in the back left of the picture.  I cut one down yesterday, but did not get to this one yet.

Garden 03 22 15 084

I did not get all the ornamental grass cut down because I decided to clean out the three strawberry beds in the yard.  I ended up thinning or replanted some of the strawberry plants and then I took miscanthus straw to put under the strawberry plants to keep them off the ground.  It is not a professional job, but I am looking forward to some yummy strawberries!

6 thoughts on “Crocuses and a New Vegetable Bed

  1. Great idea with the crocuses and the sedum ground cover…I’m always looking for something that can grow in a dry part of the yard, and this combination looks pretty good 🙂

  2. We didn’t get any more snow but there are no crocus open yet here, so is that better or worse than the spring you’re having? Actually lawn chairs and short sleeves look pretty good, so if there’s a winner I think it’s you!
    I’m hoping to have the first crocus today if it warms enough, but your beds look light years ahead of mine as far as cleanup and soil prep! Happy spring 🙂

    1. It snowed twice this past week since I took these pictures. The crocuses were a bit bruised by the time the snow all melted, but still colorful. We have really warm weather coming this week though. I hope your crocuses pop open today! Spring is on its way!

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