Early April Easter

Happy Easter!  It was a beautiful, warm day and besides sitting out in the sun I took an early morning walk at Lake Katherine.

Garden 04 05 15 001

Earlier this week there was a beautiful sunrise.  Sort of an Easter theme…

Garden 04 05 15 065

Yesterday the mini daffodils started finally opening and they were really opening up today.

Garden 04 05 15 056

Even a few of the regular size daffodils opened today.

Garden 04 05 15 039

I have been noticing very small anemones opening up close to the ground here and there.

Garden 04 05 15 029

This looks like the first goldfinch I have seen for a while. I was practicing finding singing birds with my camera as I was walking around Lake Katherine today.

Garden 04 05 15 033

I believe this is a song sparrow.  They are native sparrows with a complex, beautiful song.

Garden 04 05 15 028

With my not so great zoom I caught of picture of this small pied-billed grebe.  They are smaller than ducks and this one was doing a lot of diving in the middle of the lake.

Garden 04 05 15 016

I was walking early enough to get a glimpse of the beaver.  I saw that a beaver had recently been chewing on a tree, though it had not fallen over yet.  Looking closer I think it was an ash tree with emerald ash borer holes in the trunk.  I think that is a convenient way to get the infected ash trees cut down!  Just take off the wire mesh at the base of the trunk and let the beavers at it.

Garden 04 05 15 022

On the other side of the lake where the cattails are starting to grow I saw this healthy looking muskrat, with a long rat-tail.

Garden 04 05 15 017

To the west of the lake is a tiny pond where the winter snow melts.  These are ephemeral wetlands that are just wet in the spring.  The frogs should start croaking here before long.  The grasses will gradually grow up and the water will disappear as the summer goes on.  It is a good place for snakes and dragonflies.  There are cypress trees planted around the pond with their knees sticking above the water.

Garden 04 05 15 006

Back home again I noticed that the Easter bunny is living next door under the deck.  So far the fence keeps a rabbit her size out, but last year we seemed to get one of the little bunnies in our yard somehow…

We ate a good chunk out of a “death by chocolate” cake today.  Very delicious!  Back to healthy food tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Early April Easter

  1. sunsetdragon

    Oh how beautiful and I envy your back yard world . What a wonderful place and Ty for sharing it in your photos.

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