Crabapple, Fothergilla, and Lilacs

I have been busy planting all the cool weather vegetables like collards, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale, along with lettuce, spinach, potatoes, dill, thyme, basil, parsley, garlic and eggplant…..  While I am busy cleaning up and planting I get wafts of lilac, which is just starting to bloom in the garden.  I love the shrubs that don’t need any work right now, but put on such a great show, and keep the pollinators happy.  In the center stage this week is the crab apple malus profusion.

Garden 05 03 15 045

Malus profusion crabapple blossom

Garden 05 03 15 026

As we look out the kitchen window we see the bright colors of the crabapple.  The American plum on the right still has some blossoms, but they are falling quickly.

Garden 05 03 15 059

Fothergilla flower.  I think this is from my older bush that is about 3 feet tall.

Garden 05 03 15 053

This is my little fothergilla bush, beaver creek I think, that is finally settling in.  I need to get some fresh mulch down to make it look a little nicer, but this has the most beautiful fall color.  I love it!

Garden 05 03 15 068

Common lilac.  Can you smell them?  I have three lilac bushes and they are wonderful, but just getting started!

Garden 05 03 15 052

I planted my first hellebore last spring – peppermint ice.  It had a tough year last year, but hopefully will get established this year.   I have not had any flowers yet, though I see what looks like a flower bud.

Garden 05 03 15 010

Walking around Lake Katherine this week I noticed that all the lily pads start out red.  I did not know that.

Garden 05 03 15 013

The turtles are big entertainment for all the children on field trips that visit Lake Katherine.  Here they are soaking in the morning sun rays.

Garden 05 03 15 019

Is this king of the mountain?  Or family harmony?

Garden 05 03 15 021

I thought this bird I was trying to take pictures of might be a yellow warbler, but I think it is just a goldfinch, which are common here.  He is sitting in a bald cypress tree that is starting to get needles, and all those branches kept interfering with the focus on my camera.  I am on the look out for migrating birds now.  I got a CD from the library with bird songs and have started listening to that.

Vegetables:  We should have a rainy, hot week, so I have planted seeds and need to be sure a lot of vegetables get established now, throwing in lettuce seeds wherever I can fit them!  I think my tomatoes and peppers should be coming in the mail this week.

Bitternut Hickory:  We planted it three weeks ago and have been watching it every day to see if it is coming out of dormancy.  I just went out to check again and it looks like the buds are opening up and leaves will be arriving!  It is about the last tree in the neighborhood to get leaves so we are really glad it is not dead! Yay!

4 thoughts on “Crabapple, Fothergilla, and Lilacs

  1. The crab apples and fothergilla look great – I bought my very first fothergilla a few weeks ago, so here’s hoping it performs as well as yours!

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