Lake Katherine May Sightings

After the rain it turned into a beautiful afternoon and I took a leisurely stroll around Lake Katherine.

Eastern Wood Pewee Cropped 2

I believe this is an eastern wood-pewee.  I often hear the pee-a-wee whistling call, but almost never see the bird.

Garden 05 10 15 062


Garden 05 10 15 023

Tadpoles in the ephemeral wetlands.  The pond was full and surrounding grass area was very wet.

Garden 05 10 15 027

A water strider walking on water.  Apparently its legs are covered with microscopic hairs which trap air, helping it to float.

Garden 05 10 15 035

Yellow buckeye tree

Garden 05 10 15 038

It looks like a honeybee on the yellow buckeye flower.

Garden 05 10 15 068

I think this is a song sparrow that I must have disturbed near a nest.  It chirped a long time until I walked away.  It looks like it has a grub or something for a baby bird.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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