Yarrow, Foxgloves, and Viburnum Visitors

More and more flowers are blooming now.  It is a pretty time of year.


Achillea yarrow, salvia, and catmint – Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ in the background.


Our trees are getting big.  We like the crabapple for privacy, though it blocks out view of the vegetable garden.  The irises probably needed to be tied up, but I have been pretty relaxed about the mess this year.  The first picture above is from the left of this picture, in front of the bird bath.


The vegetable gardens.  We watered them this morning to keep the greens coming.  On the back fence the Virginia creeper is spreading out and moving into the area of the clematis.


Zooming in on the left back of the fence the clematis are blooming along with the yarrow.  The chamomile and mint are aggressive and I need to cut them back now to make way for the tomatoes.  You can see the tomato cages waiting for the monsters to rise up and take over their area of the back fence.




On the right side of the vegetable garden the oregano is taking over and competing with the chives and strawberries.  It looks like I have more oregano than I will need in my recipes!  I have strawberries in four areas in the garden and I have been picking them several times a day, before they are completely red, to keep ahead of the critters.


Foxgloves in the back of the yard.  We can no longer see them from the kitchen window since the oak tree has gotten larger.


The bumblebees are attracted to these foxgloves.  Can you see the bee in this picture?  I think the hummingbirds love these, too.


Butterfly on blue muffin viburnum.  It seemed like a comma butterfly but it I am not sure.


 A lot of pollinators have been on the viburnum blue muffin. I think this is a hoverfly and some other fly.  I have also seen a tiger swallowtail butterfly and a lot of huge bees.  They love these smelly flowers!  This viburnum bush generally does not produce fall berries, since there are no other viburnums blooming at the same time in the vicinity.  My other two viburnums both bloom later and produce a lot of berries for the birds.


I noticed this tiny spider outside the back door.  Looking it up online I think it is a zebra jumper spider.  They like to go hunting during the day.


Damselfly on grass

6 thoughts on “Yarrow, Foxgloves, and Viburnum Visitors

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    Your garden is looking wonderful – probably a month ahead of us here in Ireland as our foxgloves and yarrow are only just thinking of putting up their flowering spikes.

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