Trip to Tennessee

We took off a few extra days around the 4th of July and visited Tennessee, mostly in the Chattanooga area and the Cherokee National Forest.  Other than many beautiful parks and waterfalls, here are some of the birds, mammals and insects we saw.

Great Blue Heron, Indian Boundary Lake

We saw this great blue heron as we walked around Indian Boundary Lake.

Brown Thrasher maybe

Could this be a brown thrasher?  I have never seen one before and the bird looked red, but that is my best guess.  It was a very foggy morning at Point Park on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.

4th of July, Point Park

We briefly watched these civil war reenactors at Point Park pushing their cannon into place on July 4th.  While we were on the trails we heard the cannon boom.

Wild Turkeys at Audubon Acres

When we arrived at Audubon Acres we saw this wild turkey and three poults.  It’s not the best picture, but it was fun to see them running around the grounds there.

red-spotted purple butterfly on my foot

It rained every day we were in Tennessee.  When the sun finally came out at a mountain lookout this red-spotted purple butterfly landed on my foot to do some sunning.  We only got caught in a downpour on one trail.  Otherwise the rain did not bother us much.


This red and black millipede crossed our path on a trail.  They eat plants and rotting wood and leaves to help the composting process in the woods.

3.2 mile trail at Indian Boundary Lake

Hiking the 3.2 mile trail around Indian Boundary Lake in the Cherokee National Forest.


On one drizzly day we drove along the Ocoee River Scenic Byway.  Near a dam we watched three rafts taking off for white water rafting.  The water was very wild due to all the rain, and it looked pretty dangerous.

 Lake Ocoee from Chilhowee Mt.

Above the Ocoee River we stopped at a lookout on Chilhowee Mt. to look down at Ocoee Lake and Sugarloaf Mt.  There were a lot of beautiful views like this on the trip.

At River Gallery Sculpture Garden

Back in Chattanooga, we visited the River Gallery Sculpture Garden in the bluff district.  We saw this little guy voraciously eating the day lily flowers.  He seemed too small for a beaver, so we figured it was a muskrat.


We disturbed two fawns at Radnor Lake State Park near Nashville.  They did not run very far or fast.

Vacations are great!  I put on my exploring hat and leave the chores behind.

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