Summer Birds, Flowers, and Travel

Starlings, robins, house sparrows, and house finches are pretty common in our yard this summer.  It has been fun to see other birds, too.  If I have identified them incorrectly please let me know.


I believe this is an eastern kingbird, because of the white terminal tail band.


At first I thought the eastern kingbird was eating crabapples, but I think it is just the red color in his mouth.  Those crabapples are not very good this time of year, but there may be some good bugs around.  There were two of these birds flying between the viburnum and the crabapple tree.


I took a picture of a brown bird making noise at the kingbirds, and now that I have it on the screen it looks like a female rose-breasted grosbeak.


These are the two birds mentioned in my last blog that I think are Baltimore orioles.  The bird bath has really been fun to watch recently.


Every morning the house wren has been singing up a storm.  I have not been able to zoom and get a good picture, since my zoom can’t get a good picture of this small bird singing way up in a tree.  Here the house wren is looking for a meal in the garden bed.


Here is a shot of the backyard recently, where the birds have been visiting.


The rudbeckia – black-eyed susans – are at their peak this week. In the back is miscanthus morning light and Russian sage.


Agastache hyssop blue fortune is attracting the bees now.


Sunrise through a collard leaf.  I took this last week.  This week many of the leaves have small holes where they have been chewed.  Those worms are good bird food.


We visited Spokane for a wedding this past weekend.  Many places were very brown and dry, but the clouds were really fun during the weekend and the evergreens were everywhere.  It would be fun to visit again when we have more time to explore.  I believe this was Palisades Park.


This wheat field was right next to the wedding venue and we watched a beautiful sunset as the young people danced away the evening.


I read Orphan Train on the plane and just finished it.  I really enjoyed it!

Bird sighting:  I just saw a great egret wading near the shore at Lake Katherine.  I did not have a camera with me, but enjoyed watching it catch its supper.

13 thoughts on “Summer Birds, Flowers, and Travel

  1. Spokane…I was born in Chewelah, 50 miles West, my old stomping grounds, beautiful dry country side…what lovely pictures….we feed birds in our yard and we love sitting and watching them…I think we need a bird bath….my husbands birthday is comingg up and it would be the perfect gift….love all your pictures….keep them coming…

      1. And once you start feeding them, they get quit vocal when the feeders are empty…some of the larger birds know where we keep the food in the garage and come in and help themselves….many a time I have gone into the garage to have birds looking at me….LOL but I am going to get my husband a water bath for the birds, it will give him something to do to keep it clean…LOL he loves the animals….

  2. Donna Hirsch

    Your comments about the birds reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote – “You can observe a lot just by watching.” You’re doing a fine job watching!

  3. My recent new experience with birds was hearing Swainson’s Thrushes calling all over a little town called Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The place is surrounded by forests with lots of alders, bigleaf maples and cedars, which apparently is what these birds prefer. I never actually saw one, but there was a regular chorus of them every evening — beautiful! I mentioned this in a blog post.

    1. I checked out a CD of bird songs from the library, since I so often hear birds singing, but don’t know what bird it is. On our vacations it is always fun to listen and look for new birds.

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