Bird Bath Fun!

We have had a lot of fun watching the birds in the bird bath this week.  One day it really took off and it seemed like every type of bird in the neighborhood showed up.  We were filling up the bird bath a few times during the day.


It starts with just one robin sitting in the water enjoying the day.


A little splashing attracts the attention of the sparrows.


The robin has an eye on who he will allow with him in the bird bath.


Robins can be pretty aggressive toward other robins.


All the commotion attracts the blue jay.  The water glistens on its back.


A female northern cardinal dares to share the bird bath with the blue jay.


The house finch needs a drink and bath, too.


Even starlings that we have not seen for weeks make an appearance.


The house sparrows come in huge numbers.  Is the white-breasted bird in the back a house sparrow, too?

I was going to add a video but that did not seem to work.  Here is one more busy shot.


Bird fun!

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