Autumn Walk Near Hidden Lake

There are a lot of trails in the forest preserves near us.  Last week I tried a new trail near hidden lake.


After my walk I sat in the car and ate some lunch watching the deer grazing nearby.  Behind the grasses on the left-hand side is a lake hidden by tall rushes.


Walking around the lake I took a picture of some distant ducks.  On the screen now I think these are wood ducks, that I have only seen on TV.  Sorry the picture is so small.


Walking through the fall colors with my jacket and gloves on a beautiful day made me really happy.


The path led me by this small lake.  Quite a few birds were rustling around the shore.


With some effort I managed to get this bird picture near the lake.  Is it a swamp sparrow?


I saw this deer along the trail.  We looked at each other for about a minute, while I took various pictures.


The trail is near some horse stables.  This was the only horse I saw that day.


Hope you have been able to enjoy some fall colors these days!

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