Dark-eyed Junco, Squirrel and Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and there is no snow on the ground.


The cyclamen is starting to bloom.  The grass is green and we have had a lot of rain recently.  It was 60 degrees earlier this week.


We have had a lot of dark-eyed juncos in the yard this year.  Maybe it is all the leaf litter under the Chinquapin oak tree that they like.  Sometimes I have seen six of these little birds poking in the leaves in the morning at once.


This picture is a little fuzzy, but I like how soft the feathers look.  Dark-eyed juncos are primarily seed-eaters, so there is a lot of pecking and scratching going on.


The bird bath has been freezing and thawing this autumn.  The birds peck at the ice and sometimes get a drink or a bath.


It seems like each morning around 9 am the squirrel comes to the crabapple tree for a snack.


Sometimes it is a stretch…


Squirrels are so acrobatic they keep us entertained.


The birds don’t seem too interested in these crabapples, so glad someone is enjoying them!


Tiny hands, beautiful fur, playful antics…


One day Dan brought home some nuts from the airport that were pretty stale.  I put them out on the ground and three squirrels were enjoying them.  This guy is eating an almond, which is maybe out of his usual diet.  The other squirrels had a pecking order and could only get near the nuts when the big squirrel let them.


The last of the collards have survived the cold so far.  I might pick a few leaves for dinner tonight.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Dark-eyed Junco, Squirrel and Christmas

  1. Murtagh's Meadow

    Happy Christmas! Loved the photo of the squirrels taking the crab apples. The blackbirds do eventually take ours but I think they must prefer the wild haws from the hawthorns as those are taken first!

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