Winter Cabbage Moth and Snow Crocus

One day I saw a cabbage moth in my greenhouse kitchen window sill.


The cabbage worm probably came into the house on a collard or kale leaf and it may have found a hiding place in the cyclamen plant until it morphed into this moth.   This moth stayed in the same spot all day.  Our yard is overrun with cabbage moths during the summer…


The next day I noticed that the moth had climbed up to look out the window, where it stayed for the day.  It never flew and I imagine that there was not much to keep it alive.


The next day I saw that the moth was dying, and this was its last hour.  This is what I take pictures of on a winter day…


The snow has melted and it has been raining.  I went to check on the snow crocuses and sure enough, they are starting to emerge.


Dragon’s blood sedum


We came across something moss-like growing in the forest near Lake Katherine.  There is a lot of green moss by our back door as well.


Goose tail feathers

Have a great week and enjoy February!

January Lake Walk

Yesterday it was raining and the snow melted.  Today the temperature is dropping and we are headed back to the usual January weather.  We went to Lake Katherine for a walk this morning.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning!


Lake Katherine was frozen except around the fountain.  The geese were on the edge of the ice and just starting to fly off.


Goose convention


The early birds were getting ready to fly and some needed a little more time to wake up…


We always like to check out the vernal or ephemeral pond, which has water in the spring that gradually dries up in the summer.  With the rains this winter it is very full.  Here is where the tadpoles, dragonfly larvae and water skimmer bugs get going in the spring.


In this shot next to the wooden bridge you can see that the water has been freezing and thawing all winter.  Usually ice would be thick this time of year.


There are cypress trees planted around the pond that attract song birds in the spring.  The cypress knees are sticking up out of the water here.  I am in the background in my winter gear.  I think the temperature was around 28 degrees, but it was not that cold, except for my hands from taking pictures!


There are a lot of youth nature programs around the lake.  It looks like someone built a teepee.  The grass is green from the thaw the past two days.


This is a closer look at the teepee that has both big branches and much smaller branches.  The internet also spells it “tipi.”


We always have to stop and take a look at the beaver lodge.  A while ago we saw fresh mud on the top.  It was hard to get a good picture this morning.  There are logs and stick spreading out into the water and a pool to the left where the ice is less frozen.  There is still snow on the ground here.


Around most of the lake the snow has melted.


By the time we got to the other side of the lake almost all the geese had flown away.


Back at home, the compost pile has not frozen hard, so it has been easy to add kitchen scraps and the squirrels check it out each day and turn the pile for us.


In the warm kitchen the cyclamen continues to bloom.


Over New Years I finished the last of my five puzzles, that take me out in nature, while I enjoy my cozy home.  I drew my garden plan for next summer, but have not ordered any tomato or pepper transplants yet this year.

Last night I added three small leaves of fresh kale from the garden to our vegetables for the evening.  That seemed pretty unusual for January 15th!