Winter Cabbage Moth and Snow Crocus

One day I saw a cabbage moth in my greenhouse kitchen window sill.


The cabbage worm probably came into the house on a collard or kale leaf and it may have found a hiding place in the cyclamen plant until it morphed into this moth.   This moth stayed in the same spot all day.  Our yard is overrun with cabbage moths during the summer…


The next day I noticed that the moth had climbed up to look out the window, where it stayed for the day.  It never flew and I imagine that there was not much to keep it alive.


The next day I saw that the moth was dying, and this was its last hour.  This is what I take pictures of on a winter day…


The snow has melted and it has been raining.  I went to check on the snow crocuses and sure enough, they are starting to emerge.


Dragon’s blood sedum


We came across something moss-like growing in the forest near Lake Katherine.  There is a lot of green moss by our back door as well.


Goose tail feathers

Have a great week and enjoy February!

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