Mid-May Meandering

When I get outside I never know what I will catch my attention.


This week I saw several white crowned sparrows.  This one was at Lake Katherine.


This white crowned sparrow was hopping around our backyard.


I always visit the ephemeral pond near Lake Katherine to see what’s happening.  This mallard duck was having a quiet evening moment on the bridge there.


Mallard posing at ephemeral pond.  When the weather heats up the pond dries up, but meanwhile it is great for dragonflies, tadpoles, and water skimmer bugs.


Posing mallard


Other ducks were enjoying the evening around the lake.  I was enjoying a nice stroll myself.


What kind of duck is this with fancy head feathers?  Or is there some molting going on?


Song sparrow


I took the kitchen scraps to the compost pile and came upon this brown snake.  What a wonderful place to get a meal of bugs and then rest in the sun.


I disturbed the snake enough that it slid out of the compost and into the chives.  I think it was maybe 14 to 16 inches long and one of the bigger ones I have seen in the yard.  Look at the strawberries and oregano go to town!


Snake resting in the chives.

Well, these are a few things I saw this week!

8 thoughts on “Mid-May Meandering

    1. Thank you! I like snakes best when not too close and when I am not surprised. I am always looking for then in the yard, as I know they are part of my ecosystem, but I only see them a few times a year.

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