House Wren and Ladybug Larvae

Summer residents are back in our yard this year.


I think this is the second year a house wren has moved into our bird house.  This little guy sings his intricate song all morning.


House wren in the birdhouse I bought to attract bluebirds.


This little hummingbird was perched on the clothes line flapping its wings in the rain to get a birdbath.


The butterfly weed is blooming.  Will we see monarchs soon?


Ladybug larva.  In an earlier blog post I mentioned that something on the plum trees was attracting a lot of ladybugs.  Now the plum trees have a lot of ladybug larvae and the trees are looking in better shape.


Ladybug pupa.  This is the next stage in the ladybug lifecycle before the ladybug emerges and can fly.  There are a lot of these pupa on the plum trees now.


Plums on American plum tree.  There were a lot of terrible looking plums on the tree earlier.  I put a drop cloth down and removed a ton of diseased or insect filled plums.  The rest of them look pretty good, so I may get some edible plums yet.


Dragonfly blending into the meadow.  I understand that dragonflies are predators for ladybugs.


Nearby in the meadow is a false sunflower.  Last week Dan saw a small snake sunning, intertwined in the grasses in the meadow.  There are damselflies here and there but they take a lot of work to photograph, as they are so small.


Also in the meadow is the hickory the squirrel planted.  We are still trying to determine exactly what kind of hickory this is.


Starling gets a shady rest on a hot day.


We have had many predictions of rain, but not that much has fallen.  The plants still look healthy, but we will need more rain if the heat continues.

2 thoughts on “House Wren and Ladybug Larvae

  1. Nice to see the house wren. Last year we had a Bewick’s wren pair nesting in an old shoe just under the roof of the back porch. It was interesting to watch them coming and going as they hatched out and fed a batch of chicks.

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