Visit to Southern Indiana

For the 4th of July long weekend we headed to southern Indiana.  We made Nashville, Indiana, our home base and visited state parks and nature preserves in the area.  It was our first time here.


Boats docked in the evening at Yellowwood State Forest.


The steps up to Ogle Lake at the start of trail 7 at Brown County State Park.


Ogle Lake at Brown County State Park.  The grasses in this sunny spot were full of butterflies and bees.


Bee on common milkweed – Asclepias syriaca. All the pollinators seemed excited about the milkweed.


Black swallowtail butterfly on queen Anne’s lace.


The bluebirds were busy feeding their young.


We also walked around Strahl Lake at Brown County State Park.


This looks like a zebra swallowtail butterfly.  A delicate butterfly on delicate flowers by a peaceful lake…


‘Hoosier’s Nest.’  We explored this little cabin.  The downstairs seemed to be fixed up like a school room.


Another day we visited Clifty Falls State Park near Madison, IN.  We saw three or four waterfalls, though the water levels were low.  On one “very rugged” trail we were walking along this streambed and looking for the trail that would lead us out of the ravine.  The signs were not clear and we ended up climbing up a challenging, rocky streambed to a waterfall, only to find there was no way out and we had to climb back down to find a trail out, as the sun started to descend….  We love adventure and were thankful for no injuries, so it is a memory we will keep for a long time.


I think this is a brown thrasher.  There were so many birds singing and flying by in all the forests.  We are still amateurs at birding, but learning little by little.


Wild turkey


Green frog.  This pond was at the T.C. Steele State Historic Site where we explored two quitet paths in the surrounding forest.


We pulled off the road near the Monroe Reservoir, the largest lake in Indiana.  We chatted for a while with an older guy fishing on the shore about the fish in the lake.


Barred Owl, I think.  At Spring Mills State Park we hiked through the forest and we passed several caves.  This owl was resting by the entrance to the Bronson Cave.  Nearby a songbird chattered incessantly at the owl.


The forest canopy was full and provided shade as we hiked.


Trail 3 at the Spring Mills State Park took us through a virgin forest with some trees over 300 years old.  Dan was hugging one of the large trees near the path.


View from the top of the fire tower at Martin State Forest.  It was just starting to sprinkle at the end of the day.  Sunday rained all day, but we were in our car driving home, so that was fine with us!

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