What Happened to the Bird Bath?

It is snowing today and the weather will turn cold this week.  I’m getting my snow shoveling muscles strengthened these days.


A mourning dove and a sparrow were among the birds pecking at the ice in the bird bath one morning earlier this week.


It has been snowing since last night and we may have a few more inches yet.


It is a good time to be creative inside!  Steph and I baked Christmas cookies for an event she was going to today.

There is something peaceful about winter…..

5 thoughts on “What Happened to the Bird Bath?

  1. Here in Northern Illinois we certainly got hammered with snow this weekend – if you’re farther south, hopefully the 10 inches we got here bypassed you somewhat. Our local birds are just as unhappy about this latest weather development but it does make great cooking and baking weather!

    1. I think I am pretty close to you though in the southwest suburbs. I guessed that we got about 6 inches, though not sure. The picture I took was early in the day. Your recipes look fantastic!

      1. Thanks! 6 inches isn’t too horrible for this neck of the woods. I hear there’s another round of possible big snow this coming weekend. Crossing my fingers it’s not too horrible. I always enjoy your gardening posts, even though I don’t always comment. It’s fun when someone’s in my area and enjoys gardening, too!

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