Blue Beauty

Sometimes you have to stop and smell or take time to enjoy the flowers!


Baptisia australis, blue false indigo.


Close up of blue false indigo flowers


Veronica spicata Royal Candles (spike speedwell)


‘May Night’ sage, in the salvia family


The sage is often in the shade, but gets some sun in the morning.  The yarrow is just starting to turn yellow.


‘Blue Hill’ sage, max frei geraniums, and penstemon digitalis (foxglove breadtoungue)


Digitalis purpurea foxglove


Meadow sage


Clematis jackmanii


The birds hang out on the tomato cages near the bird bath.  The clematis, virginia creeper, and soon the tomato vie for climbing space on the fence and cages.


The garden is planted.  The zucchini, which just popped out of the ground, the cucumber, and the zinnias will fill up the open space on the right.


Enjoying fresh greens each day


Tomato flower


Ajuga and coleus


Blue fescue ornamental grass. In the background are cone flowers, coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’, and asclepias incarnate – swamp milkweed.  Those flowers should be blooming before long.  The Russian sage is trying to pop up everywhere, too….


I just planted the little bluestem grass on the right, and the sunflower seed I planted is getting going on the left.  I have another little bluestem grass that is more established and the grass looks bluer.  The great part  of this grass is the orange/red color in the fall.


Blue damselfly on rhubarb leaves


The day I took this picture Dan said:  “This is the most beautiful day of the year!”


Iris.  I think I got rid of my blue irises because I really like these red ones best.


We pulled out Rick’s old tent, that we have never used on a trip, and it looks like it will work for Stephanie’s first camping trip.


Last weekend, on our walk around Lake Katherine, we watched this turtle laying her eggs.  She was on a mission and dug a hole on the side of the path where people were walking and running.


10 thoughts on “Blue Beauty

  1. Your gardens are beautiful! You’re far, far ahead of us here in northwestern Minnesota. But we’re catching up. Spring turned suddenly to summer, and the world became green and lush! Saw the first prairie rose of the season yesterday. Your photos are like a glimpse into our future! I, too, love your red iris!

    1. Those flowers are coming your way before long! My brother had that red iris and many other bulbs in his garden. When he passed away a neighbor suggested I transplant that Iris to my garden. I did. So besides being beautiful it has special memories for me.

  2. Looks great. I would agree it looks like it could be the most beautiful day of the year!
    Amazing that you were able to see the turtle and it didn’t mind. You’d think she would be more skittish but with a beak like that I guess she has little to fear.

  3. Yes. That turtle was laying eggs for quite a while in a hole on the path. I guess when it was time she had to get it done!! It was probably about 8:00 am, so most of the walkers and runners seemed to be moving along and not bothering her.

  4. Wow, things are happening at your place. Cool turtle photo. I enjoy growing ‘May Night’ but have to replace it it every few years. This season it was especially strong. Do you find that? The red iris is lovely.

    1. I have never replaced ‘May Night’, though it truth, it might not exactly be that cultivar. I can’t remember, as I have had it for about 9 years. I believe I moved it once to a new location.

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