Moon, Mums and Fall Colors

Does the moon go with Halloween?  The harvest moon caught my attention on an evening walk this week!


Our beautiful moon!


The moon behind the oak trees


We have not had many sunny days to capture these coral mums. They managed to brighten up a dreary corner of the garden this time of year.


Zooming back to see the whole patch of mums on another cloudy day a few days later.  If you look closely a lot of the mums have a pollinator sitting on them.  They are an attractive place for the last pollinators of the year.


Fly on coral chrysanthemum


Yesterday Dan, Steph and I took a walk at the Little Red Schoolhouse forest preserve.  It was so hard to capture the fall colors, but when the sun was shining I got this shot of the oaks.


The wood duck couple in the distance were swimming away from us.


Another distant wood duck shot.  I have not seen many wood ducks this year, so this was fun for me.


Beautiful fall colors by the original little red schoolhouse.  As we were leaving a lot of families with small children were arriving, so I hope they had a great activity going for them to enjoy nature!


Back in our yard I am happy to say that the new Viking black chokeberry bushes survived the summer.  The older leaves turned red and purple, but there were quite a few newer shoots that grew in the last months with the leaves still green.  So this is one of two bushes that looks to be growing well in the coming years. The berries were consumed very quickly!

6 thoughts on “Moon, Mums and Fall Colors

  1. Donna Hirsch

    Lovely photos, and I always learn something! If you ever split your chrysanthemums, I’d like to purchase a piece. I think they originally came from me, and mine died out for some reason last year. I miss them. They were always the last to bloom in the garden.

    1. Yes! They came from you, Donna. Come over anytime next year and take a clump. I heard that you have to plant mums by the fourth of July is you want them to overwinter. These mums are very resilient, but my oak tree is growing taller and they are getting more shade than they used to.

    1. You are right. These mums are simple but sturdy/hardy and dependable every year. I used to have a color scheme and they did not fit in. That is how they ended up in the rear corner of the garden. But now I am not so concerned about color matches and just enjoy whatever blooms at this time of year.

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