What Happened to the Bird Bath?

It is snowing today and the weather will turn cold this week.  I’m getting my snow shoveling muscles strengthened these days.


A mourning dove and a sparrow were among the birds pecking at the ice in the bird bath one morning earlier this week.


It has been snowing since last night and we may have a few more inches yet.


It is a good time to be creative inside!  Steph and I baked Christmas cookies for an event she was going to today.

There is something peaceful about winter…..

Snow, Cyclamen, Hawk, and Sandhill Crane

The first snowfall to stay on the ground just started.  We should have a few more inches of snow today.


First snowfall of the season in the back yard.


Snow on chinquapin oak tree.


The cyclamen started blooming to bring in the Christmas season.


We started cooking the soup before the snow fell and brought in Brussel sprouts, collards and kale.  We still have a lot of kale in the garden, so we will see how it looks next week.


When I stepped outside yesterday this hawk flew up into a nearby tree.  It was probably hunting sparrows or squirrels at the bird feeder next door.

img_4259-1We came upon a lone juvenile sandhill crane (no red marking on head) at Lake Katherine on Saturday morning.  It must have been separated from its flock as it flew south. On Friday Steph and I were taking a walk and looked up to see 80 – 90 sandhill cranes flying over us in a southeast direction.